We endevour to place all our investment business on “transparent” investment platforms where all fees and costs are clearly reflected. We are able to accommodate the majority of our offerings on one of our selected platforms; i.e L.I.S.P’s (Linked Investment Service Providers):

  1. Old Mutual – Galaxy/Investment frontiers
  2. Allan Gray
  3. Investec – We are a Fund Select Broker for Investec
  4. A.I.M’s (ABSA Investment Managers) This L.I.S.P houses our “Finsolnet” strategy.

The full range of insurance related products,i.e Retirement Annuities, Endowments, Preservation Funds etc, are available from all the L.I.S.P’s and are chosen according to our clients financial needs and objectives of the investment.


Whilst the entire spectrum of unit trusts are available on these platforms we prefer to offer funds which have been tried and tested and where the L.I.S.P’s have done a degree of research and due diligence.

Investment Specialist

Our in house Investment Specialist, David Pfaff will gladly assist with any of your investment needs.

About David Pfaff

David grew up in the Wilderness on the Garden Route and matriculated in 1995 from York High School, where he served as a senior year prefect. He surfed for South Africa from 1992 to 1995 before turning professional. He competed in the world qualifying series surfing tour from 1996 through to 1998 and during this time visited numerous countries around the world.

David enrolled at University of Cape Town in 1999 to study towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He completed the degree at the end of 2001. During 2002 he completed an Honors degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management. He also holds diplomas to act as a Compliance Office and Securities Trader in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

David contracted with JP Morgan Chase when settling in Cape Town and there after joined a boutique investment management company in 2007. David spent over a decade at the company learning about all aspects of the financial services industry. The investment company specialized in the management of direct equity portfolios, both locally and offshore, for high-net-worth individuals. During this time his role evolved from a trainee investment analyst to a full time analyst and voting member of the investment committee. He oversaw the company’s entry into Retirement Funding in 2009 and has extensive experience in setting up Pension and Provident Funds as well as the management of Living and Retirement Annuities. Preservation Funds also fall into his circle of expertise. David was responsible for the asset allocation within the multi-asset class portfolios and stock selection within equity mandates. Before relocating to the Garden Route with his family, David was head of Private Clients for the firm.

Besides his family and surfing, David’s passion lies in global and local equity and property markets.

David Pfaff - Investment Specialist-V2

David Pfaff

Investment Specialist

Risk Profiles

Our particular preference are our risks profiled and mandated funds such as our Finsolnet Funds where 3 distinct risk profiles are accommodated:

CPIX 2-3%

For the investor with a low risk tolerance. Ideal for retirement capital and an alternative to money market. Remains within Prudential Guidelines at all times.

CPIX 4-5%

Has a higher exposure to equity and is considered for a moderate risk profiled investor who can tolerate some volatility.

CPIX 6-7%

For the investor who believes in the long term benefits of equity exposure and is not affected in the short term by market fluctuations. The funds have high exposure to equity both local and international.