The objective in each case is to outperform inflation using a selection of funds managed by:

  • Alan Gray
  • Coronation Fund Managers
  • R.M.B Fund Managers
  • Investec

In each fund these managers will hold an equal amount (24.5%) of the capital under management and they will invest this according to the Finsolnet models objective.

Finsolnet Funds

Investing in Futures and Commodities

CPIX 2-3% (Low Risk)
CPIX 4-5% (Moderate Risk)
CPIX 6-7% (High Equity Exposure)

In all models the portfolios are balanced quarterly to provide the investor with the “average return” of the four fund managers.

We believe that your risk profile is a vital starting point in selecting your funds and clearly a higher equity exposure will introduce more vitality to your investment.

We expect our clients to sign an investment mandate to ensure that funds have been selected in line with your risk tolerance or at least the volatility of the particular investment made.

The proof is in the pudding so they say – we will invest your capital in any one of the 3 CPIX portfolio’s at no upfront charge i.e 100% fund allocation – subject to a minimum investment of R100 000. Just so you can test the waters – no obligations if you’re not happy we will sell or reinvest as directed.

For more information of these and other funds you may wish to visit the fund managers web sites:

Alan Gray
Coronation Fund Managers
R.M.B Fund Managers